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an hour ago
Target shooting, or Personal protection, home defense . Maine Ammo Company is the place to pickup your ammunition. Quality ammo at affordable prices. The absolute best customer service on the internet. I’m looking at 7 ammo cans & 9 firearms all loaded with Maine Ammo Company ammunition. When I had a question about Hunting ammo regulations here in Michigan, the owner of Maine Ammo Company took the time to look through the states regulations and give me clear understanding of the information. I couldn’t even get the state DNR to answer a phone. Did I mention the owner called me to explain this bureaucratic BS? This Company seems to have the best employees too. When my order arrives, it has always contained a thank you note and a few extra rounds. Try getting that at a pawnshop! I’ve turned all my friends on to this company, It’s American owned. They Show appreciation for us Military Veterans too. Buy from these fine folks, you won’t be sorry!