About Us

Maine Ammo Company was founded in Maine, USA. We provide quality, reliable and economical ammunition. Maine folks are hard working people and talented people. The founders family shoot as do you and we understand the frustrations and inconveniences of finding good ammunition, at times scarce ammunition and at good prices.

Our business model is to sell directly to the consumer from our plant and on-line.

Our founder is a knowledgeable manufacture who built weapons before founding Maine Ammo company. Other members of the Maine Ammo team enjoy shooting. When it comes to experience in supplying large quantities or one box of ammunition to serious shooters, the folks at Maine Ammo are experienced and well prepared to become your ammunition supplier.

In addition to many years of collective experience in supplying and using ammunition, our web suppliers are also skilled at developing online systems so that we can keep our prices low. Using a well established shopping cart system, our website displays items ready for immediate shipment. You can shop our site confidently knowing that what you see is what you will receive. It is that simple. What’s more is that once you place your order, our system closely tracks your shipment to make sure it gets into the hands of a carrier quickly and is dropped on your door step.

We guarantee, every round will go bang or we replace it at our cost.