Highest quality 223 brass for sale in America. Every step is made to give you the best 223 once fired rifle brass in an affordable manner.

Shooters who load their own 223/556 brass know that reliability and consistency is key.  The systems we employ provide you with the same high quality 223 brass time and time again.  We take 223 once fired brass and make the 223 brass casings as good as new again through an intricate and labor intensive process.

Our proprietary blend of polishers to give you the best finish possible. Once our machines are finished operating, we then hand inspect and package. All packages are over weighed to make sure you have more than enough if a few bad rounds are found.

Maine Ammo Company, provides loaders with top quality once fired brass in 223 / 556, polished brass and fully processed brass at affordable prices. Through economies of scale we pass savings on to you, while still performing the in depth attention to detail that is required for a professional loading operation. Whether its once fired brass for sale, polished brass for sale or processed reloading brass for sale, we have you covered.

1 lb – 74 cases estimate